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FAQ and Forms

Are there required pre-care and post-care steps?


PRE: No alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours. Ensure hydrated and have eaten something a couple hours before your appointment. No fish oils, tylenol, advil, pain killers, etc. prior too.

POST: Follow aftercare instructions given in packet. No soaking/water on brows for 7-10 days. Tiny Tats have separate post care requirements BUT no direct sunlight, or fragranced soaps or lotions until scab has healed. Aquaphor only.

Are there requirements to getting brows/tattoos?


18 years+ Must fill out medical consent form and waiver. No major health concerns (Cancer, chemo, diabetes, autoimmune, major skin concerns, pregnant or breastfeeding) Accutane use in past 6 months.

Where can I find the offered designs and flash sheets?

You may find them here. 

Where can I find the medical waiver and consent form?

You may find it here.

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